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Thermal Process Development provides complete plant support with parts and maintenance troubleshooting for thermal fluid (thermal oil), glycol heaters, hot water, steam, combustion burners, rotary dryers and biomass systems. Thermal Process Development can provide thermal oil pumps, condensate pumps, boiler pumps, electric motors, various steam, thermal oil and condensate valves, fluid switches and sensors and other instruments. Connect with our sales associates for support with any parts or new  equipment.  

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Thermal Oil Pump, Hot Oil Pump, Thermal Fluid Pump, ARI globe valves, Allweiler Thermal Fluid Pump
Thermal Fluid Heater, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, hot oil heater, glycol heater
Expansion Tank, Hot Oil Expansion Tank, Thermal Fluid Level Gauge
PLC Controls, Thermal Fluid Controls, Control Panel
Control Panel, thermal fluid heater control panel
Grate Bar, Wood Grate Combustion, Reciprocating Grate Bar

Thermal Process Development works direct with original equipment manufacturers along with our own fabrication capabilities to engineer and build custom parts or equipment. Thermal Process Development and Kablitz are the only company with our own foundry, allowing us to offer top quality parts at low prices with high quality control. Below are some of the manufacturers we can support your plant with.






  • Gas Fired Thermal Fluid Systems

  • Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Combustion

  • Hot gas generator

  • Thermal Fluid Pumps Primary Loop

  • Thermal Fluid Press Pumps

  • Hot Oil Pump Loops 

  • Biomass Boiler

  • Electric Thermal Fluid Systems

  • Process Heating Systems

  • Wood Fired Thermal Oil Heater

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