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Plastic Molding and Extrusion

An important aspect of plastics molding and extrusion is the need to keep the plastic at a specific temperature to ensure uniform, high quality parts are produced. A Thermal Process thermal oil heater is very useful in keeping this precise temperature and can facilitate the molding and extrusion process. Thin film plastics typically create an offgas during production and the Thermal Process heaters have a large combustion chamber to allow for combustion of these off gases to allow the plant a simpler way to meet air quality permit requirements and support production. 

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Thermal Fluid Heaters

Thermal fluid heaters have several names including thermal oil heater, thermic heater, thermal oil boiler, hot oil heater, glycol heater and others. Thermal Process Development can offer high quality thermal fluid heaters with our standard high efficiency designs or customizable designs for specific plant requirements. Thermal fluid heating is available with gas and oil burners, electric heating or even as heat recovery thermal oil units (HRTO).

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Thermal Expansion Tanks and Pumps

Thermal oil expansion tank, ksb pump, ksb pump parts, expansion tank level gauge,

Thermal fluid expansion tanks and degassing systems as well as the thermal oil heater, pumps and process equipment are important for maintaining long oil life. Thermal Process Development can provide an expansion tank or degassing tank system or help design a complete new system. Thermal fluid pumps and pump skids can also be provided. Thermal fluid pumps and pump parts are available directly from the manufacturer as well.

Engineering and Site Services

Thermal Process Development can provide on site process support for thermal fluid systems including safety reviews, energy efficiency audits, process improvements and troubleshooting thermal fluid system operation problems. Having trouble reaching required process thermal fluid temperatures, flow issues or constantly repairing thermal fluid pumps and system devices? Let TPD help save you money, maintenance costs and plant downtime.

Thermal oil engineering, process engineering, thermal fluid engineering
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