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Grate Bars

Thermal Process Development provides access to Kablitz's customized cast iron and high chrome alloy casting foundry.  Kablitz is one of the few companies in the world that sells biomass fueled energy systems as well as casts all of their own grate bars. Having their own foundry allows for the highest quality control and assures the customer that the Kablitz grate bar will provide long life as well as minimal downtime for repair and maintenance. Custom grate bars can be designed to improve your plant's existing grate bar design using Thermal Process Development and Kablitz's combined biomass combustion experience. Our team can offer custom shapes to improve cooling, strength, and grate bar row functions. We can also customize metal composition to meet your site's fuel conditions. The Kablitz engineering team and foundry have successfully designed grate bars for pinhole grates, reciprocating step grates, slope grates, fixed grates, traveling grates and several others. The grate bars are specifically made for biomass including wood, bark, nut shells, RDF and other agricultural waste. 

Our engineering staff can also provide onsite grate inspections, energy audits and grate maintenance including grate bar installation and system operational support. Thermal Process Development can provide controls work for improved firing, support of air permit testing, combustion system upgrades and retrofits as well as combustion tuning. 



Reciprocating grate bars
Step Grate Bar, grate casting, grate bar
Custom grate bar casting, step grate bar, reciprocating grate bar
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Kablitz grate bar, step grate bar, reciprocating grate bar
Reciprocating grate, step grate, wood combustion
Reciprocating step grate, biomass grate, wood combustion


  • Reciprocating Step Grates

  • Slope Grates

  • Pinhole Grates

  • Traveling Grates

  • Overthrust Grates

  • Biomass Step Grates

  • Biomass Combustion

  • Solid Fuel Combustion

  • Bark Burner Furnace

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