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KSB Pumps

Thermal Process can offer new KSB pumps and parts while also supporting your plant processes. Thermal oil heaters and hot oil heaters are increasing in use due to the ability of thermal fluids to be heated to high fluid bulk temperatures while remaining in liquid states. The ability for a thermal oil heater to heat the thermal fluid up to 700°F and stay as a liquid significantly extends the service life of the fluid and thermal oil heater, pumps and process equipment. Also, the thermal oil's high proportion of low-boiling fractions and high vapor pressures place serious demands on state-of-the-art pumping technology. KSB's Etanorm SYT is the optimum solution and it ensures maximum operating reliability by means of highly effective cooling. The Etanorm SYT is also available with a double-acting mechanical seal for safe operation with all heat transfer media. The sturdy discharge cover is designed so that less heat is transferred to the bearing bracket, protecting and providing long life for both the bearings and the mechanical seal.



Thermal Oil Pump, Hot Oil Pump, Thermal Fluid Pump, ARI globe valves, Allweiler Thermal Fluid Pump

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