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Allewiler Pumps

The Allweiler Allheat NTWH pumps are perfect for use with organic and synthetic thermal oils at temperatures up to 660 °F (350 °C) and hot water at temperatures up to 360 °F (183 °C).


The ALLHEAT NTWH series centrifugal pump was designed specifically for safe pumping of hot fluid medias. This versatile and universally applied pump series offers the best technical solution at an excellent price for pumping mineral and synthetic thermal oils. The main features this product brings to the marketplace include:

  • Low Viscosity Capability (0.2 centistokes min.)

  • Safety Packing Rings to isolate contaminates

  • Robust mechanical design with stiffening ribs

  • Patented large oil reservoir for the mechanical seal including a patented seal chamber gas venting system

  • No additional cooling required for the seal chamber or bearings

  • Interchangeable internal parts for foot mounted, block and in-line designs

  • High efficiency impeller/casing combination

  • Long life and low maintenance sleeve in-board journal bearings

  • Long life, permanently greased, sealed outboard roller bearing

  • Carbide sleeve for long life and low maintenance at high temperatures



Allweiler NTWH 250-400 Pump, Thermal fluid pump, hot oil pump

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