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Cast Air Preheaters and Heat Exchangers

Since 1921, Richard Kablitz GmbH have been casting gilled heat exchangers for various industries including oil and gas; specifically refineries, smelting plants, steam boilers and air preheating for combustion plants and power plants.


Designs for heat recovery of gaseous mediums like:

  • Hydrogen

  • Natural gas

  • Oxygen

  • Air

  • Waste gases from combustion processes and burners


The Kablitz gilled heat exchanger for gaseous mediums is a multi-purpose design made of high-quality cast iron. The tested and proven design, layout and arrangement of the gilled heating surface guarantee high heat transfer with maximum heating surface concentration of up to 68 m²/m³. The high heating surface area per volume not only gives high efficiency in heat transfer, but also uses a minimal amount of space. Thanks to the self-supporting structure, a wide variety of arrangements is possible. The gilled plates are standardized into a modular system which makes the Kablitz design more economical. Along with grate bars, the gilled heat exchanger plates are cast in the Kablitz foundry allowing for the highest quality control. The Kablitz gilled heat exchangers have a long life, low maintenance and good corrosion resistance due to Kablitz's ability to control the casting. Depending on the heat exchange mediums, sootblowing and water washing rakes can be added to help clean the plates. 

Advantages of using cast iron:

  • High resistance against corrosion

  • Erosion-resistant

  • Good thermal conductivity

  • High pressure resistance

  • High elasticity

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Quick Resources

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Gilled Plate Heat Exchanger Assembly.jpg, cast air preheater, refinery air heat exchanger
Cast Gilled Heat Exchanger Complete.jpg, cast air preheaer, cast heat exchanger


  • Refineries

  • Gas Fired Boilers

  • Drying and hot air plants

  • Thermal and catalytic post-combustion plants

  • Air preheating 

  • DeNOx plants

  • Casting smelting plants

  • Power Plants

  • Heat Recovery

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