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Documents and Brochures

Please see our documents and brochures on thermal oil heaters (hot oil heaters), thermal fluid systems, reciprocating grates and grate bars used in biomass and wood fired combustion plants. Our combustion systems can be used in a variety of industries including pellet plants, board mills, biomass power plants and any wood fired systems. Contact us for more information or if we can support your plant in any way.

Hot Oil Heaters Brochure_page_1.jpg

Product Brochures

Reciprocating Grates Brochure_page_1.jpg
CHP Plants Brochure_page_1.jpg
RDF Combustion Plants
Grate Bars Brochure_page_1.jpg
Cast Heat Exchangers Brochure_page_1.jpg
Chemical Reactor Heating Brochure_page_1

Application Brochures

Amine Reboilers_page_1.jpg
Glycol Heating Brochure_page_1.jpg
Electric Thermal Fluid Heaters Brochure JPEG.jpg
Cooking and Frying Brochure_page_1(1).jp
Plastics Molding and Extrusion Brochure_
Platen Heating Brochure_page_1(2).jpg
ORC Power Generation Brochure_page_1.jpg
Hot Oil Heaters Brochure_page_1(1).jpg
Biodiesel Brochure_page_1.jpg

Intec Thermal Fluid Equipment

Intec Thermal Oil Heater.jpg
Intec ORC Systems.jpg
Intec Sewage Sludge Drying.jpg

Kablitz Reciprocating Grates and Grate Bars

Kablitz Grate Bars Brochure.JPG

Grate Bars and Custom Castings

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