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Thermal Oil Heating

Thermal fluid heaters, also called hot oil heaters, are used in many different applications and processes because of their ability to heat thermal fluids to high temperatures at a low pressure. For most applications the fluid also stays in a liquid form, so you do not have to worry about fluid phase changes and dealing with a vapor and liquid like a boiler with steam and condensate.  Specialty thermal fluids can be heated up to 750F in our helical coil heaters. Standard fluids by MobilTherm, Dow, Therminol or Xceltherm as well as many as others are commonly used in process heating applications. Thermal fluid heaters are typically used in the oil and gas industry for the reheating of amine, Joule-Thomson effect, or other heat exchange needs and also in chemical reactor heating, petrochemical plants, cooking and frying, plastics, automotive, asphalt, organic rankine cycles (ORC), heating of wood presses and platens, biodiesel production  and many other applications.  Process heaters are also available for heating thermal fluids like glycol or other fluids and gases like ammonia, nitrogen as well as direct fired steam superheaters.  Electric thermal fluid heaters as well as heat recovery thermal oil heaters are also available. If you have an application that requires a thermal fluid heater or plant processes that needs engineering support to help design for safety and best efficiency practices, let

Thermal Process help you.

Thermal Process Development specializes in solid fuel combustion systems including biomass, high moisture content fuels, specialty biomass fuels, organic waste, wood waste, wood pellets, coal, refuse derived fuel (RDF), agricultural waste, corn stover, nut shells, high heating value fuels, dust and granule fibers as well as other sources with btu content. Our grates can be used for steam generating systems including low and high pressure boilers, drying in rotary dryers or kilns and thermal fluid  heating for multiple processes and systems. Thermal Process Development, along with Kablitz, is the leader in the market for solid fuel combustion systems as we take our years of experience and design each system based on the fuel available with the fuel size, moisture content, btu content as well as several other factors to make sure that the grate, grate bars and fuel feed system are adequately designed to provide long life and low


Thermal Process Development stocks many different parts for thermal fluid systems, including flow meters, thermal oil valves, KSB and Allweiler pump parts, level switches, thermocouples and many more. For solid fuel systems, we stock many different grate bars here in North America. Together with the Kablitz casting plant, Thermal Process Development can custom design a better grate bar for your furnace. Our custom casted bars are desgined based on your fuel and firing conditions and we can provide higher quality and lower pricing since we cast everything ourselves and don't rely on third party companies.  Let us know how we can improve your maintenance overhead

and repairs at your plant.

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